Master Bowls

These Ancient Sacred Sound instruments are the Best of the Best.

My collector refers to them as 'Master' Quality and are selected from thousands of the highest quality ancient Bowls.


The Bowls we offer are hundreds of years old and made of the traditional Tibetan alloy.  

Collected with honor,  each Bowl is very unique and as such must be priced individually.

Recently I had an opportunity to listen to and select a small number of the

Master Quality Bowls from a large collection (hundreds) of ancient instruments. 

These Bowls originating from a private collection in the Himalayas from a well know collector of 35 years, they originally originated from Tibet and Bhutan.

All the Bowls I offer are extraordinary and are simply the best of the best. 

I was required to purchase these per item resulting in their prices being twice as much compared to our normal exceptional Quality Bowls.

 The Master Bowls range from small to large; $250.00 - $2000.00. 

Their voices are Extraordinary and their numbers limited.

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