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Chicago & Colorado tours for 2017 to be announced

As the vibration of the sound tones wash over and through you your body will experience temperature changes sometimes warm, sometimes cold, so please bring a blanket & yoga mat to lay on as you will be lying on the floor. Wear loose, comfortable clothes & bring a water bottle to help flush out the toxins that will release in your blood stream during and after the Gong Bath™ experience. Watch the blood testing movies to see what can happen to your red & white blood cells during a Sacred Sound Gong Bath™ experience.


Richard Rudis created the first original Gong Bath™ experience twenty years ago and has performed over 1,000 Gong Baths in the US & internationally helping well over 35,000 participants.  Using principles of Vajrayana Buddhism, specific sacred geometry, mathematics & instrumentation a dynamic meditative experience is created where each participant is acoustically guided, via harmonic overtones, into realms of physical well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. Carefully designed vibrational constructs are used to further entice the brain into Alpha/Theta/Delta wave-scapes of creativity, relaxation and enrichment.  A sound healing pioneer with thirty years of Buddhist scholarship, his extensive collaboration with other sound healing researchers and studies in Eastern energy healing have resulted in the development of a unique sacred sound healing techniques known as a 'Gong Bath™,

holding the trade mark since 2008. 

Currently he is writing a book on this subject including specialized playing techniques and supportive philosophies. 

*please note: the term Gong Bath™ may only be used by Richard Rudis

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